Baba’s Divine Feet

Often than needed we are surrounded by questions of our own existence. It occurs to us that sometimes the supreme soul behaves in various ways. The same source energy comes in different forms. Sometimes that’s in our best friend or may be in any stranger being Angel to us. Sometimes it appears as someone we would not like to meet again but in everything that appears to us it is right that it’s our own part and parcel. We are all same appearing in different forms. A small dust from the stardust or a small fragment of this whole universe. We all are important to complete this circle. Good or bad or needed or unwanted. Thing is even if everything is unreal but there is something about our reality that doesn’t makes it un accountable.

Perspective changes everything.

All that we do goes somewhere, to me it goes to Baba’s feet. Our belief Thales us everywhere and if strong enough it can move unmovable things, create new destinies and heal the pain.

Our soul survive on a foot note , a feeling of everything that we do. Ultimately what we feel most of the times are the only result and cause for what we have always done. To do it onto others is like experimenting it before applying the same to ourselves.

We must not forget that EVERYTHING AROUND THE CORNER IS GIVEN TO US BY SOMEONE, let us be humble.


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