Your stories are God ridden

In an exercise to find deeper meaning with meditation we are asked to greet our guide angels. The phase goes like this once we know that we are in contact with out guide angels we must ask them their names. I have three guide angels and their names are quite different to pronounce, I call them HerBecSee initials of their names. Two of them are female energy while one is a supreme energy. Supreme energy normally do not have distinguished energy palate they just appear with warm feelings.

In the next phase we are asked to keep the contact for as long as we could few people keep that for hours, it’s like we will have to be in that state of contact and stay in our normal life style. When these exercises are performed one do not leave normal life styles. I am working and I can not take leaves for so many days so these Modern approaches are built and designed that way. It was initially difficult but since I have done this before it came to me automatically and I was able to keep myself in that state.

After few more phases which are normally not shared to keep the knowledge within the group we are asked to question them, it could be anything from past to future or normal ones.

I normally talk everything to baba but since I had to ask them something I asked them why everything happens to us like they do.

They answered:

It’s all God ridden, you don’t decide you just choose and he drives your story. You are not responsible for the actions but if you choose to bear it you must also bear its fruit which may or may not be pleasing because you are not dealing with its original behaviour but the logical existence. It explains itself like when you are dealing with any person in any love affair you are dealing with your own concept about them not who they really are unless you decide not to bear its fruit. It’s called surrendering. If you surrender you are able to see through the logical existence of the substance and subsequently see the real nature of any human being it’s called as being in consciousness.


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