What to do with life?

We often come across this question and the answer varies with respect to the situation that we are focusing on . We ask ourselves these questions in the circumstances when we feel we are not feeding enough to ourselves either materialistic or spiritualistic. Our answers and visions changes with times and we might get multiple gestures and identify that our lives are dependent on how we look through it. Major part of our life is how we feel. As long as we feel good about it, it’s a good life.

The question when asked ‘🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 what to do with life’ could be answered in the similar way as it is asked.

Like I have this question in my mind everyday after I come back from the office, have I not done enough? I went to my work, did coding, implemented changes, I am contributing. Is it not enough?

I visit temples and teach small kids who don’t understand how to read or write, am I not doing enough?

The answer is everything that we do when combined with the energy of life and heart contributes a little to or existence. That’s our part of business, every little things that we do decides our future. Every song le intention that we release comes back to us hundred folds. That’s our reward for having a life.

If you ask me about what to do with life I would say stop thinking much about it, stop ✋ doing serious things, let it be, let it be stupid and casual and let life show you it’s own value. We all have our kind of timing till then let it be the way it is and continue doing your small act of kindness towards the world and towards yourself.

Love love ❤️


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