Sai Sharanam

Baba have always been the strength that decides my life. I grew up listening to his fantasies and comments. Every day with him helps me keep the faith in life to generalise and subsequently helps me become a better human. I am no perfect so does he feels for himself. I know he is god but he would deny that, he would tell me that he is just a sevak of god.

At times he would remind me that we are not different from the supreme and that anyone who comes near us is the part and parcel of same energy. Only when we will be able to see ourself in everyone and the lord in us, we will be able to find the answers that we have come here to seek.

When I ask him why we are sent here for that he clarifies that few souls come here for purpose and few to help us achieve that purpose and few just come here for their personal desires.

I asked him if keeping desires is a wrong things for that he said as long as it has a good intention everything is under god’s desire.

There are times when I go through concepts of holy books and few lines disturbs me since their words are contradictory to my belief to that he says that those were written under some belief owned under some conditions and I should accept and understand that which feels right to me.

He never forced me to accept any of the teachings but with time I came to understand that my world was always around his teachings. My life is a plane where I have experienced him personally, time to time he would appear to me in different forms and help me find guidelines for the things I am dealing with.

With him all my problems are exciting, every time there appears something that’s not pleasing I know that there is some deep lesson hidden from him.

I know that no matter what he is always with me, guiding, protecting and eating with me. I know that he cares for everyone who asks for him guidance and surrenders him completely.

Om Sai ram


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