It’s a tube light moment

You know when I learnt to ride my bicycle I denied staying at home anymore, I knew that there is something which would change my mechanical energy to a vibrational good feeling. I rode outside our home and one day a dog followed me. I rode faster and ultimately bicycle’s chains gave up and I fell down. The dog ran towards me and I just took a spell bound last breath, I thought for a moment that I might die. He came and licked my face. We became friends. I had a pet by then.

You know when I look at that moment and feel how stubborn I have always been. I was always ambitious and gracious and we all do and true challenge appears when we meet better people. Sometimes we appreciate and sometimes we flip. It is a good life lesson, not to hurry things or regret.

Black, my pet taught me the journey. Today it’s his birthday when I met him. We are not together anymore but I know he is my guardian and we will meet again, may be not in the same drift way but may be much better memory will form.

I believe we keep meeting people we loose, I have seen people reunite. There are people I wait to come back again so that I could know that I am not alone.



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