The dream

I saw a dream yesterday and that is strange because I normally don’t see vivid dreams something like I had seen yesterday night . In the dream I was about to give my final exam very important for me, I mismatched the timing and reached few minutes late I wasn’t allowed to give the exam, the lady at the gate was cruel, she allowed others but not me, that was partial.

There was pleading, crying and so much. I could literally feel the pain. I was allowed when everyone had their exams off. I had a friend with me who wasn’t taking interest in anything.

I cursed her, the lady, I was in pain. I cursed her very badly. She was still smiling in ego.

I still feel bad. Cursing isn’t good even if they have wronged us. Sometimes people hurt each other in ignorance. That’s not our issue, god must handle

I clean

I am sorry , Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you


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