The Story [Sequence 1]

He the one who loved everyone so compassionately without grossing much for his old age is not taking things seriously, he the one who had been a man of the family sometimes do not understand the pain in the heart for small causes by the grown up children, not a good thing to expect from their children since that is how the world works. Around the corner a small pace of therapy book awaits him, he always wanted to join medical, something pulled him towards it but the family influences hoped much for financial security. He could not study much about the sciences but eventually settled for the better. He was terrified by the expectations of the world and soon he could decide anything he had the child. He was sure that the destiny has greater surprises but eventually he was tired.

A slow down in the age and a fast pace life style, he missed so much, a family around and a telepathic compassion. All that he had always desired were not always given but he was determined for his values. The story laid itself a foundation and soon there was a tremendous change. Things changed but not always the desired way. We assume certain things and the values settle. We gather the eventual counseling but god always have his hands behind the creature he created, not merely the flesh or body the god take cares of the being, the soul.


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