You are beautiful, certainly far better than what you achieve. Your soul ambition must be to love yourself. The greater part of your life and smaller segments of scales. You are just as I have imagined all my life. Proud me with your pout and I won’t doubt you, giggle in front of me with silly jokes. Why dam not you let me to understand you, your girly talks and smirking eyes. You being audacious to me sometimes gives me zeal to control you but you are far from being dominated or ruled, you are off course my colourful soul, while this whole world notifies you to be different I believe that you are conditionally unavailable to many. You are the tremendous happiness in the world of hope, this one generous eulogy will never end, unless that’s you who desire us to be together.

Ps there’s a lot which might not sound better on words but my world flies around you, you being the party of my home where I find the peace and rest. I love you


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