Throughout the night I had wondered if you could see me through the windows or the same source of perception because love is a busy thing and we won’t be able to loose each other. I have found this void inside of me filling after you have touched me in a inseparable way. I know that this pain travels and touches you too but I have not got any other idea behind it, I am just supposing that it will be another mistake to not consider you into my life and let you go. I don’t know from where this is coming but I am certainly sure that we two have something in common and that’s ‘great pain’, pain reveals most of us and when found in lonely sun under the roof of no human interaction it disgusts us with most alluring beauty of nature. It’s only when we find that artificial intelligence is mere a thought and it only exists because we believe some thing else guide us but no it’s just our instinct that guide us in all possible way and no one can take us apart.


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