We are so busy evaluating that we forget what we really deserve, if you have got the courage kick the ball and mean while don’t try to mismatch yourself with your spectacles because beyond it lies those eyes which deserves much attention. More than what we try to give others.

Not a while ago when the elevator door opened I had wished him, again, it’s years since we were separated but I wait for something he took with himself, a part of me. Not necessarily that I am true at this but I could hold on it for sometimes and move on but he keeps something very important that had belonged to me. He denies accepting that but the pain of getting separated from my own part sometimes takes me to dizziness and nausea. These nostalgic arena of finding hallucination backdoor of my existence I had Portree a lot of emotions.

I found it interesting that no other guy could make me feel the way about me like he did may be because that part of me with him thinks about me in the same way. I am secrets away from finding myself to gulp the honesty behind my existence and this first book ends with lots of drama to be forgotten but forgiven.


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