Love’s a cheesy thing my friend

‘Love’s a cheesy thing my friend, love is a cheesy thing. It might not smell like one but when you want to eat it, it will act you in temperament, tempt you to hold it and eat, you will count on it if you are someone who counts on calories and even if you are lactose intolerant you will eat it. You may create noises while in love but when you will know that it has nothing more to give but the void, the silence will kill you. You will not be able to shout, you will not be given days to mourn or cry. Your inner being will cry, sob, shout and give up. Every day will be a sudden journey with a new stranger finding the same taste of the cheese but mind you mozzarella and cedar both taste differently. You must have your own milk to make some cheese so that you shouldn’t just keep hands on someone else eating it. Make your own cheese, that will taste bitter at first, tasteless at second but one fine day even if someone share their cheese with you, you may toast your cheese high and say that, love is still a cheesy thing my friend’


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