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Hey, it’s been long right.

Hi I am Leo and no matter how much this world claims to be lonely I prefer tell you the truth of our existence.

But before that let’s take a walk.

That’s petty, her owner thinks she is bit awkward with the environment, well I don’t blame her. She stares her food for long hours before peeing in it. What a crazy fellow.

Well she had seen god, she tells me that.

I haven’t seen god ever but I believe we must trust each other but I hackle on her sometimes, she doesn’t mind. She is good.

yeahs well pretty soon we all will grow up and we will have responsibility and to wear that burden I will have to wear a helmet too. Imagine me wearing a helmet will look extremely weird and annoying. I have vivid dreams few nights and some of them come when I am just taking a nap from my owners’ privacy.

That’s zZzzZzZ it looks cool. But what’s more cool is his girlfriend, oh boy, you must see her add on those makeup. I stare at her and she thinks it’s pretty, someone tell her I was hitting on her, who knows someday she takes me home and offer me a pan cake.

Partly I sleep quite a lot to wake up to another world but there are so much to see in this reality which is not even quarter of what I see there, I am in a great dilemma. I wish one day I become a great dog to keep my name in the history. Except those ‘heuuyyy uouuuu cutiiie pie, pumpkin come here’ what happens to their voice when they see me. I am sexy I know but what ignites so much in those girls I greet at park.

Surprisingly I am not making any voice right now, it was a long day and I met few new good humans, very rare to find now a days.

Hope to see you again!!!


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