When the night will be dim

When the light will shadow and come and go

When the sky will be less bright and about to fall

When to understand life we take challenges

When the night will be dim and we don’t want to see it again

A slightest of small hand will trespass your trust and the throw of happiness will be engulfing your skin

A small random walk and a cup cake will maintain the solemn cup of tea

It won’t hinder the aristocracy and it won’t hinder the soup

Full of a spoon and a dirty handkerchief will swap through your skin and we make certain valuable presence

Our skin is akin to surrounding and we don’t want to understand why?

It could be anything but if that’s where we stand we have a serious problem

It could be anything and we can be anywhere but remember that something has its own clock

They tackle our heavy doses and pushes us back to our bodies and soul

We can not bring it along but we can make changes our nation and live in it

A drip and a drop will not make things better

But a breathe will definitely do

Along the way changes take over and be ready for it b cause tea time is when the night takes a low and sun rises above the soul

Red and green we are taking various decisions, if that takes time give it some and sip the tea


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