She said it’s very deep

I asked her if that was alright for her to come out of her movie. She told me that she was afraid and this darkness was comforting, back in my ears I could hear those warning buzzes but they stopped beeping once I gave them no attention. Her fearful thoughts were dwelling in painful memories, a broken house haunting with black desires and she was alone. She couldn’t see the world outside of her and that wasn’t her fate. She felt caged and agony with anger and rage throwing up her inner views. She feared her own presence and wasn’t able to step behind her own comforts. Her hair were dark and brown and she made no complaints on them. Her desire was to see the light as it is and not in the way how it was looking.

A part of me was skeptic but I knew she needed the help and thus I called upon Jesus Christ and thus he brought the light in the darkest hours of the soul putting the Satan below his feet he crushed its face with the power of father and glorified the souls in need.


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