Even if

Let’s wake up. Let’s talk now.

How painful was the journey to earth? By the time you grew up most of the painful memories were gone but they remain same in conciseness. Meanwhile if you try to escape the cages you have the strength of a soul rather a human hands. Your journey and your struggles are being heard. Almost everyone is going through it. I can hear you quite and clear. Let’s make poetry out of this. If you could hold and wait with belief I am right next to you, since always.

Order me your hands and I will give you my life, the lord is our saviour we shall not want.

It’s a polite and substantial experience, the conversation I am talking about. If you see it’s dark out there lit a candle and let shadow show you about the pain that signifies your veins. You make a lot of memory out of all those nights and if you could re read your own story once again you will see the world with a bright light standing in happiness desiring nothing in return.

Yes that kind of world exists.


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