10 ways to improve your life

Our lives are already better version of what we could have imagined.

1. Forgive

The only way to go through your life is to make a list of people who bother your head most of the times. There are few emotions which creates negative vibrations in our mind and body one of such thing is the anger and guilt, anger comes from circumstances where we can not prove our voices they are simply hidden form of our desires and guilt comes from our inability to understand the situation,either way we are creating karmic debt in our soul.

There are many ways through which one can forgive others and self, the first is by knowing that the situation forced us to do it, it happened for a reason and there could have been more to this if this awareness wasn’t part of our reality today.

To forgive is to let go of the control which is not our part, punishing others or putting them into same shoes creates more karma and thus this cycles keeps on going, forgive and move on.

2. Understand your real worth

You are more than you show yourself to be . You are more than this society defines you , more than your degree and ideals, you are more than your capabilities and circumstances. You will have to understand that to each of the words you speak or enhance for yourself, your worth is more than that, trying efforts to prove yourself to others or force them to accept yourself will make situation worst.

3. Accept yourself

You are perfect and you are amazing, you believe it or not but we all are blessed to be best and there can be no criteria to understand to choose best among us, we are part and parcel of same infinite soul and we will have to take actions in order to make ourself better. Self appraisal to some extent is a better way of accepting ourselves. Remember we chose this prior to its accountancy.

“We can make our great virtues and smaller image but what we think of ourselves will be our last image ”

4. Maintain and give some time

To which it always defines the right, things need time to heal, we can’t expect everything at once and if something in the world doesn’t fit your belief system, you don’t have to force yourself to accept it, everyone has the free choice and will, you can be yourself, utilise the resources present to you in this world and make great difference, don’t try to evolve before time.

5. Your life is your blessing

Even if you complain yourself and your life forever it’s the ultimate truth that this life is a blessing and there is no other way we can describe it but to accept that a lot has been given to us without even asking for it. We make thousands of memories and our ability to understand the information through our senses is a gift. Appreciate each day till you get tired of being grateful.

6. Gift yourself

Among everything that comes on the list this one is really wonderful , take yourself for a treat and love your own company, know how you behave and what you like, eat with yourself, talk to yourself and do everything that you would have done with your loved ones.

7. Appreciate he presence of other soul

We as a human are born in a planet full of people alike us, most of us differ in our behaviour but we are all same from inside, our images are just a visual impression of how that person should be with us, if someone you think is witty and must be punished could be a nice person and that’s only a matter that you don’t want to believe so, accept that others can be better than you and there is no shame in that. We all are unique and acceptable.

8. Bless more curse less

With the thought of curse the anger comes to our minds, every single moment we are doing it through our words or thoughts, we are either blessing or cursing, and with each such actions we are making difference to ourselves and our lives. All we have to do is to understand that whatever we give it to others comes back multiple folds to us.

9. Make new pet friends

Pet and flora are the best way to connect again with yourself, when you see a flower you will realise that it’s the only thing which doesn’t need anything from you, you can be a friend with a tree and know that this world still has unconditional love left in it.

10. Be nice to yourself and others

We all are going through something. That’s never defines how we must behave with others, there are challenges everywhere and there is a way how we should deal with it, we can either be good at it or nothing at all, we can just make few promises and we can maintain that with ourselves but our real character is how we handle the mess and be our own hero.

This world is amazing only if you have an eye of love to understand that every molecule is vibrating with love

Peace and blessings


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