Let’s end this year with these

Surrender and follow,

There are few things that we can never control, it’s just how they work and in the deep way through they are just being normal, they can generate multiple meanings but only the one in love will be able to decide its true meaning.

It’s finally getting towards an end and we can’t let this whole things shut before it closes itself. There are few things we can surrender before we move onto our new phase of the year.

Hard to believe that the year is about to end, the journey for this year was the strongest of all, so many transits and transition this year lead us to believe in the possibilities of our inner self, so many new relationships and realities have been added but as far as I see it has been a great beginning for all the changes in our lives.

Let’s just thank god for everything that he gave us, he made us stronger and more emotional. I can sense that a lot has changed inside, 2017 was designed that way. So much shake up and a little was finally settled.

This year must be said good bye with a zest now, it so deserves the best while it leaves. It’s not just a ‘year’ it is more than it has cost us.

Touch your heart and listen to what it has given to you, you can feel the proud moments clapping around, few sad moments making you realise of your some old emotions and few laughters which made you find your way.

It’s between the robes of understanding and how we can maintain the negligible impact of everything. This year gave us enough to think for and act upon .

My person experience with this year was great, I finally started to work and within the whole journey I finally found a way to settle around. It’s not just the job that brought me back to myself but it hold more super stories, this year gave me my soul mate and I am amazed at how beautifully it has carved the happiness in each one of us. I feel grateful and happy for everything it has given us.

I do have a list of things to shed this year,

Let’s start with the emotions and let go of all those envy and jealousy which hold us back, let’s be real and be angry whenever it’s necessary instead of being jealous and hold envy, we can just be ourselves without having cold feelings, let’s start with spreading love and smiles.

God bless


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