The ‘Hawua’ of the Entrance Exams

Let’s talk it light and simple. Let the lingo be different today.

This so happened with me that I am more comfortable in language associated with something I am talking since I learnt how to pronounce and write ‘A’.

Aaj thoda different karte hai!

Aaj waise baat karte hai jaise humne sikha hai, aaj bhasha ko Mehsus karte hai, sare Sharm, haya ko jara Tyaag kar chalo jara man ki batein karte hai!!

Thoda yaha ki thoda waha ki, aur jab thak jaye to Sapne bhi usi bhasha me dekhte hai jisne Hume bhashao ke Andar ki gehrayi dikhayi!!

Hauwa: a popular word which expresses our feeling of imagination and in term useless controversy.

I am growing in a nation where people know how to manipulate each other, not just few of them succeeded in their goals of doing so but those who really loved being an engineer are frustrated. There is no one in particular to blame it. We can be anything that we want but first we want to become someone others have achieved. It’s that certain level of dissatisfaction that we can not eat properly. In the mall, in the park, in the super market it’s everywhere- the envy brain. All that everyone desire is the TAG of being someone which someone else is becoming.

Can you see that? People who become The IIT ‘n actually and certainly doesn’t want to be someone in the crowd, they love engineering but as the competition rises they get the hauling inside their brains to device something else. We in very short have our own purposes and not everyone is born to do the same thing in all the life time. What if you came back with a promise that you won’t be doing the same shit of crowd following again and see you are doing the same thing All over AGAIN.

Have you wondered about the person who becomes an IAS, they are not worried about other people, they just KNOW that they will get it, may be it’s destined and there is no harm in trying your hard work but if you are doing it b cause you want to prove something you have got into a wrong planet.

It’s us who creates this environment of suicide and if someone of us really give up this shit we consider them cowards. Trust me we must admit that we all are idiots in contributing the same crap every single day.

This world is ours and we make the rules with a single step we can make a whole lot of new world with lots of visions in our head, we can create a healthy happy and loving world, this is something we all desire but we don’t want it to happen.


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