That one night

‘You are drowning into your own fluid Snigdha’ my doctor was fierce and worried at the same time.

I was having fun knowing that my lungs were playing around, every time I had stepped out I had always tapped into it and said ‘come on buddy we can do this, we can breathe normally and we can take in more of it’

Oh Dear! I am not making it right.

‘What next?’ I was curious and obvious that the doctor will burst now.

‘Do you have any shame? Asking me this’

I certainly never had any. Well to my excitement he added a few droplet of tests which I had failed, can’t help it. He added me onto his list of most wanted and my brother sounds horrible when he says he is concerned. Well I can’t make my brother sell his property to pay my bills. Just kidding!

Anyway, we aren’t talking much and the pain in my chest is way weird, I feel something up is there, I could physically and emotionally feel that and nothing in near future or past had I smelled like this. I have not put my awareness anywhere so far as much as I do to my lungs, I feel we are talking,gossiping, I guess I went a bit curious and afraid at the same time. I am not afraid of death but what follows after that. I am afraid that my faith can be questioned when I will not find Jesus waiting for me up there and it would hurt me, I am afraid of that feeling.

Well not thinking much into this I am heading for my treatment, real and honest opinion given to me so far by the white coat guy ‘ you need to clean up your mess lady, this is going to be really painful’

Oh I so love that guy.

God bless the whole world


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