I don’t think so, I don’t think so that the world is going in a wrong direction. In fact from where I am looking at it, it’s the top most view of the highest possibility on the earth. I can securely tell you that this world is going in a correct direction. I believe this world have never experienced this bliss before. From the southern part of the world where most of the nonviolent creatures have been kept to the north most magnetic asylums, the world is going in a right direction.

If we could literally create meanings to our lives we would have made better decisions but whatever we have made so far are the best. To create natural awareness we do not want to set forth our existence but to find our real places in the survival list. It is quite weird to understand this concept from a slogan but I think we can do better. We can be anywhere anytime given any proficiency and command over our existence. To this similar day if we can understand that our lives are connected, we will stop looking each other and concentrate on our own business.

Around the world to the similar corners I believe we all have similar conspiracies and we can decide which legitimation would follow us after we leave this plane. We came here without plans and as our awareness is adapted to this setting and arrangement we believe it is our natural habitat, we observe and create greater mistakes and seek them as our possibilities but we as a human are more than that, we as a soul are enough.


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