Sorry People

Sorry people, this world is a shitty place, it is as beautiful as it appears to heart. There are people ready to kill you but I am sorry that there are few too those love you madly. I am sorry that you are suffering from some deadly disease and unconventional life problems I am sorry that somehow I am responsible for it but I have prayers for your healing too.

I am sorry that you will be cheated, betrayed and robbed of your last hope and I am sorry that you will question your own faith and the time you will realise that whole shit got real I am sorry for that moment. When in a job interview you will be the exact right candidate but you will be rejected without an explanation I am sorry for the moment because you are chosen for something bigger than you can picture about. This happens to everyone and everyday then why is that we have lost being emphatic towards each other. There are pains too there is beer and one glass down that throat helps us accept all those craps together and unless the next sun appears again with a glam we forget our promises and curses. Our humanity is as far as we are drunk and driving back to home and see the bed. I am sorry that many doesn’t even see a bed, they see the street light where they are visible to drunken cars. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s not about lifestyle or karma. It’s how we see each other. Everyday when we wake up our first thought is to heal the world but as soon as our own reality appears we dump all those because life is for forever. That’s correct we will have to come again and again and my greatest fear is that what if I get a birth with nothing to start with like I got in this lifetime, what will I do.

That’s why I help, so can you too.


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