My Strongest First Date- In Real!

How often do we search for a true love? I guess most of the times. Our heads are so filled with romantic asylums; we cannot blame movies and their writers to fill us with imagination of possibilities. We get hurt and we het healed and we search for it again. We are always hopeful for love. One such event recently happened to me. I was searching for him, my perfect kind of man. I nearly had no idea on the context that there could be someone exactly I had noted down in the list of my perfect search. He has got a masculine energy, his twinkling eyes and possessive skin. Oh god, Tell me it is not a dream.

Yesterday it happened to be our first physical date, apart from our daily Skype dinners which apparently were the best cousins I have tried with him. It wasn’t about the food or the ambience but I have felt something really good inside of me. I feel hopeful, fortunate and clearly astonishing. That’s where it begins to click in my mind about my feeling and frequency just before I have met him. Unlike other meetings this was special, butterflies did not leave me while I drove to the place, I had an amazing smile on my face, people asked me ‘what’s happening’ and the tone which resembled their voice was waving with the rhythm. I could hear sarcasm from somewhere and little delicate envy too. Nothing bothered me.

How clever of me.

I am still smiling, what an immense effect of love to my life. I wish this had happened to me before. Love changes life completely. I can’t see the world like I used to, it’s like that magical experience where you know that all the good karma you have done sometimes back happened to you again. May be that’s why we take birth in this earth.

I guess I got all my answers today , may be all of them, may be that is why I came here, to experience him again. I can’t believe someone can be so tender, so caring and amazing. He has already warned me not to mention him in any of my blog post because that would be apparently a cage to his deed. I am sure this is not for this life, we have been together since many births. As if we were destined. I am least expecting anything to happen to my life now. I had have never felt content before. This satisfaction takes away my anxiety and I am more or less on the cloud 9.

I do not remember any of the scenes from the place, my memory doesn’t allow me to remember them, maybe I am very conscious about those memories and feelings but I remember how I felt when I was driving back to home. I couldn’t notice when dragon my pet came to me, licked my legs again and pushed me back when I did not reply to him. Of all my relationship which are extreme possessive the one with dragon and kanha are the most. Apart from my family and closest friends I do not think I do have any bonding with anyone.

So far the story I felt I had left the hard core world with all the painful experiences at once and have concentrated on which awaits me. He texted me once he reached home. This is the sign of getting matured. We do not tick-tack whole day but I know he misses me so do I and I guess it’s the best thing to fall in love once you have left your teen hood.

He was in his formals; he confessed that he is bad at anything else. I couldn’t any more.

He was amazed to look at the menu; he is not habituated of eating oily food let alone the tasty and delicious street food. He talks less but I hear him more. How could this happen to me all of a sudden. How could I miss those moments not spent with him?

I was amazed at all that I have left behind of me. I am so grateful those bad things happened to me, people who never gave me intentional happiness; I am just so grateful that finally love came to my life. I was smiling whole day long, we went for a movie and he was blushing. He did not understand a bit of it and most of it when he told me that he had never been to movie stations after 2008 it’s when he stepped to board exams I knew I found someone with similar mind set.

We tipped popcorns to fellow couples and enjoyed more of our environment than the movie. Apparently the noise was enough to cover our silent talks.

Well I know him from the day when his mother gave us Diwali sweets. We never thought things would turn out so great.

I have so much to talk to him but every time he appears to me I just smile.





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