How Drum-atic have you been lately?

Are you soothing your butt with unnecesary comments on girls? Good, You have a fine line to earth again to go through the shit you have created.

Which face do you think you have been facing? It is all your, this shit belongs to you, you must eat the poop you have created.


Let there be love to surround the nagging self. Let there be more velvet to cover the luxarious skin and to go through the asthamatic diwali let there be less brains to handle those noses.

Indeed, let this prayer reaches the eye brows and asses, to the lipsticks and the roses, if you could find one such reason to handle life with another term, I wonder if there is another lifetime.

Focus, Focus, Focus.

I see a butterfly roaming in my room, since diwali, very talented Indian Brains say it is a good sign to get married.

I apreciate that, how clever.

Who should decide I should get married? A butterfly? No the universe. The universe do not know how to talk, thus he created meme’ to irritate us better. Wow Universe, you have been playing with me so lately.

No that’s not anger, that’s rage.

Alright, so passionately I have been waiting for things to happen, with the same passion the Universe or the God have been delyaing it further. Good. I love this war.

All our childhood we have been listening, God loves us, God created us.


I will tell you something which you have been denying.

God is a player, he created us for his fun, operated us for his fun, kills us for his fun, There is no life buddy, there is just god.

The immens-ly dipped God in velvet, which takes care of you, receives your anger and yet follows you everywhere, what do you think god is, a vodaphone ambassador?

How could you just think of it my mind?

Oh great pain.

I know how this brain works.

A coffee, a hot chocolate and some cool weather to go with.

Happy Diwali, so called people and their so called imaginary God.



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