Time To be Dishonest #1

I don’t want to deal with the shit anymore, No I really mean it. Every next HR born in here has an overrated excuse of dealing a candidate. My overactive friends eventually got a foreign approval and now I make them feel guilty about my existence? I guess I have literally prayed for this moment, what an amazing achievement. While my life is taking a U-turn I am getting back to history, the same insane feeling and the weather is on my side. Eventually, Universe is playing along. My trump cards are lost somewhere and maybe that is why I am stuck. Hill down the logical mentality of the society is suffocating, I wish I could skip this part of unholiness. This is getting weird with each passing day because my hopes with my life were taking another lifelong journey.
Well, where do I really stand in my own dreams, eventually few of my really close underwear sharing friends are questioning me on my existence. Really?
Well, life is unpredictive and the guy in school who always made others feel blessed ends up like me.
story reversed now.
Well, this pointless conversation with HR and giving a technical round, dealing fake job offers, fighting with the managers and standing for my own belief is taking me nowhere.
I just want to see a world where being professional is not getting caught up in the attitude without any gratitude. I just want to finish up this line and have a peaceful journey;.
My resume is an extraordinary mismanagement of my life, I am running away from people who are trying to teach me my another version. I wonder this is just an age, and we all go through this shit before ending to our own cruise.
Let us see.


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