Just where things stop behaving as they do, just where the new sunshine is about to grow, just when it is a bowl away from pop corns, just away from the reach of impossible, you could see me smile and sit there and wait. How meshmerizing could this be that having you till infinity strikes another begining. hollow yet mastered this stair cases are esclating. somwhere between the origin and half alive we are making the bonds. visible are those threads which connects us, we are maintaining a bond, legally this passing desire which takes me to you, pulls me towards you has imprinted every pages of our past, scary of lovely, everything that we have read together.

maintaining this certain cluless conversation which will help me reach you again, more often when i desire you more you are gone. till my breathe takes a rest, come to me, sit and talk. show me stars and desiring altitude. my frightened soul legitimates and drinks the last sip of desire. when the sleep is procastinating and dreams float somewhere between the known and the away, you should come, hug me, grasp me and dance.

let my tips toe to glams, the vicinity of my arrangement should be felt with your presence, let the room glow little harder and this night survives its own trails.


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