The issue

I looked at him troubled and perplexed, I looked at him with greater compassionating, I looked at him as if it was not just me dealing with troubles all around, I looked at him with empathy. There are kids around us who seeks our attention, kids making changes to their childhood situated nearby and we don’t even see it. We don’t even care; we don’t even want to see them. It’s all we think is in their fate, who decides that? Who doesn’t understand that?

My mind always wanders on the wonders of our lives, about the concept of having all the resources yet we are never satisfied, this fight with ourselves and our greed always takes us to the roadmaps where there is a tad bit of loneliness and lots of anxiety on the plate. Decorated and served all with true compassionate. We have come a long way desiring a lot with the life but we have no idea where this hint would end because so as this life is concerned there is much to the amazement. This night when I look out the window three kids jumping on the sand beats to pass their time, wearing dresses they love and there is a hope in them for tomorrow. Is it all right for me to think it other ways? Is it alright for me to look behind their smiles?

My efforts with the society don’t end with my own work, that’s what my heart says to me nowadays. It doesn’t just get along with life anymore; there are things that don’t allow me to sleep properly. To a greater extent it’s not my responsibility to provide them a better life but yet there could be something that I can do to bring their awareness to their natural behavior.



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