What’s not yours!

You want to read what I write and you don’t want to reply it back,

You simply want to read that. You want to know how I feel, about my darkest fears and extreme happiness, you want to see where my life is heading and you want to be part of it, silently. You don’t want to involve yourself in it.

You are afraid, you are afraid that your words may hurt you. You are precautious, you don’t want to lose me. You don’t want to make the same mistake again, you just want to stay there and read whatever I feel.

I understand everything.

You just want to stay there and love. You are afraid that you may lose me.

That’s my true honey!

You can’t lose me, how can you lose what is not yours?

I don’t belong to you, you don’t belong to me, we both belong to that higher consciousness, the Krishna and we are just together, finding the same path. This world is huge and sometimes the crowd is scary, sometimes when other half of yours is tired searching for it you will need me, you will need my love, nights and days.

You will need me all the time.

But we don’t belong to each other, we are companions of this pathways and we will have to find our own ways but till we find what we are and where do we really belong in this world we will need each other always.



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