His eyes were reflecting mine and there was a different kind of silence altogether. I felt a strange distance between us, the coldness of our fight was taking over. I felt defeated rather tired but spoke nothing but few drops of tears. He was uncomfortable letting us go like this but we made no other choice. Someone has to back off.

I wanted him to stay and let me sink into him so that all that was around me could be justified.

He looked away as if he did not wanted to face my kind of truth anymore, my heart sank and a pain started to take over.

Days after them were kind of difficult because I could not sleep, my taste and apetite were gone. I felt restless and anxious. It was happening.

We left each other’s hands and it was for a good.

He never called me back not even on my birthdays, I kept myself in touch with him but he never responded.

Days after them were very difficult because I could not concentrate in my work, my academics were difficult to trace.

I wish for a moment he could have stopped, looked back and hugged me tight, I wish for a moment things were as easy as they could be and there were less things to explain. I stil wonder what if….


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