The family drama

He looked at me with refuge and solitude and I was mentally prepared for it, the moment I packed my back and left my job to come back home I was prepared for it.
' I have told you, these software jobs, didn't I ?' My bade papa raised voice to freak me out a bit while the shameless me was thinking where to thrown the eaten and beaten chewing gum.
Finally it came out to be the safest of all thought, gulping it up would be a better option. I was terrified with the thought of consequence.
' what next? Have you thought anything about your life?'
I nodded with a smile.
'Look at you still grinning, do you hold any shame or not' honestly speaking what is to be ashamed about? Leaving the job or coming back home from the struggles of day and night. Well if you ask me I was worried how am I going to afford my designer wardrobe and food.
Then I gave myself a break and I thought I could adjust. Not so soon to realise this fact that I can't live without them, my life needs luxury which was out of my way right now.
My bade papa kept on murmuring few thoughts and it made no effect on my facial expressions,' we told you to take medical, haven't we?'
Yes you all asked me to do stuff which was logically opposite to what I have done and in very honest way I wasn't jobless, I was working on my own idea and they have no idea what a startup sounds life. I gave up and made no voice.
' look at your brothers and sisters they always did what we have asked them to and see they are earning so well, well settled, got married at right time, they have grown up kids, their lives are settled'
I looked at the panel of elders who seemed to be horrified with the idea and stared me to order not to laugh. Being the youngest in the house is such a task.
My bade papa would have not allowed me home but generously he did and the fear of society must have done some work. Well will he understand if I tell him the pain of heart break and betrayal and how much it had effected me in all the ways, I needed home to take my head down and hide for few days, I broke my cellphone in anger and now I don't hold any, no money to escape somewhere else.
He stared at me and gave me faithful advice.
' it's not too late prepare for government job'
Will he understand if I tell him I have left one and it made no regret to my butt, I left my PhD at IISc just because I wasn't prepared for any more dramas in life leave alone the marriage one.
I stared back at the panel again which was praying for me at the context of my peace and mood appraisal. Well to dig a bit more I kept quite and listened to all of them. My thoughts were about the chewingum somewhere between the intestine or patching my lungs so that I could just pass away.
God I have been granted the myth! Do something. Blah this is weird.


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