Back to Bangalore again

The talking winds, thrilling speed and nerds around talking about technologies increases my adrenaline. It's pretty much amazing to see myself reaching to the hills to my old feeling of holding the trumpet and singing my voices high in the rhythm. Putting into my efforts and dreams my own little place of happiness lies somewhere in this city. Giving me much of my life a great value this city has never failed to astonish me. I was missing being here and getting my taste buds in the slashes of idli and dosa is unimaginable.
My skills are thundering.
I am much on the scale of terrific feeling where it just takes me high and high. Hold on, shredded parts of life demands fresh air and morning walks are always my gestures.
The busses roaring with novels and laptops while the cabs facilitates ongoing telephonic meetings, busy and hungry.
Slowly the pace is making dignities and I meet my old friends, hugging them tight I realise what I have been missing all these days.
A thing called satisfaction.


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