Just to sleep with her


I come from a diverse religion, I meet people greet with them and try to understand why there is so much anxiety left in their lives just in case I appear, or only if I appear. I am fortunate to live in different parts of the world and everywhere I go, the definition for the love varies. Significantly I was in Los angles few weeks back and I understood the love with the crunch of chilly. There is a concept behind it, they do follow a culture, they allow the newly wedded to grab a bowl of chilies to surrogate inside their heads, if one of them pass the bowl to the other they have a perception of dependents, there are rituals we do follow in our country too.
I am not amazed at the cultural and religious wars among us, I am just surprised at how our moods are captured into them and a not-so-normal mildness comes out. Who on the earth decides the fare cost of beauty, the graceful physical attraction and the ability to get laid off. I am eventually stuck at the majority of the people trying to get into a relationship with respect to the emotional verification of a woman. It takes three sitting of the night out for a woman to understand that her real love lies somewhere inside her clothes and unless she opts to give all her virtue she is being cultivated to harassments and mental affirmations. Not a single case of solitude but many faces of absolute truths.
Love is way more than it, I am aware of couples who show me the real faces of happiness, people who define themselves by the strength of love they put in their lives, even with the smallest of the happiness that causes them to capture the moment. There are several examples which petrify my skin with love even if try to blink for a moment, their presence is far better than a roasted skull.
I was getting along with life when suddenly one of my old pals reappeared, indeed I have blocked him from several spaces to get rid of him, I was pissed off with the compatibility test he appealed in many of my female friend’s life. I was wondering what we could use to verify the neutrality of a guy. I like genuine people. One with a mustache and appearance of an ugly crocodile, I love people who laugh loud and eat without waiting to calculate the calories, I love them, I simply love them.
Just in case I forgot how at the level certain people look at the world which by god’s grace or disgrace I am able to find, I was taught to accept the beauty of the world but somewhere I feel there is another kind of world which I have neglected so far. We can always change what is happening around us, there are ways.
Not always.
I don’t know, may be.
Significantly we measure each other with what we have achieved, and that’s a good parameter rather than to find what we belong to. I find people with dreams fantastic; I feel they live with a purpose without disturbing others. I am naturally overruled with the fancies of the society, the incorporated handshakes don't make me thrilling. I want to trespass this thoughtful wind shed and reach to the grounds of possibilities. While we are trying to make difference to the world I sometimes wish if my environment makes some to me. The noise which brought me to this situation comes from the level above our feasts. We might not understand this but one day when the day is brighter and clear and it’s our day, we will understand why to everything that appeared to us was always for a reason.


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