The days out of nights!

I feel the happiness to be surrounded by him and his termless conversation, I am satisfied with the fact that life is way better when I am holding his hands and kissing our clutches, I feel protective and isolated from rest of the nuances. There is a privilege with the satisfaction that I get when he is around me. I feel hopeful and desirable.
Impactful and lovely is his eyes and sovereign is the prosperity I have when he kicks me to my limits.
I feel associative and affirmative, love is so much about the skin and not the touch but the warmth of the feeling. It's everywhere and that's nice.
The cellphone waits his calls yet I feel the Madrid of the situation, oceans apart yet so much graceful is this whole situation, all of a sudden when love appears to our life without knowing and knocking the snuggles of aristocracy while there is no dusting for the door. We make the best into the lounge and we make the best in every penny, the broken hearts mending soon and the orchid of fruitful mechanism to the verity of awareness, we make the turbulence of manifestations, you make me read new words and create new languages. Life makes it easy to believe into the roads where I feel the sense of responsibility towards something, this is the single feeling which brings me back to life again and again! Much in love! Always! Truly and magnificently!


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