Way to Ghosting

There are cases of depression, desperation and loneliness, we tend to isolate because we don't want to be carried away with judgements and thus our life circle plays a vital role specially when we are not around people who define us with certificates and achievements. I believe we are in the age where awakening our mind is more essential than to understand why there is so much conditions around. A part of today's crowd comprises of souls who came in this planet to circulate changes and to adopt newer air but somewhere the energy is not perfect yet they are surviving and trying to understand the working of human everywhere. We stand with a firm belief but yet to accept that we all have different life purpose and they all are equal. The fear of being judged with the salary and certificates will never leave us but one day these things may leave us, people may leave us but what stays with us forever is the knowledge which we need to seek writhing ourselves into the busy schedules and stop criticising for a moment, stop the unnecessary arguments and stop subjecting out documents, the presentations and meetings, to understand that life has different and better meaning away from all the noises, when there is so much we can find inside of us there will a lot we could talk about and there will be no short conversation, no portfolios and no urban trends which needs to be followed.


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