How much I have Hated the Engineering

  1. Yet I was promised into it while my head was into the bisection of the tongue, about the capillaries and the xylems. Protein out of iron and so forth was always in my head, what if I had taken a step against the family ritual, what if I have talked to my family about it once, what if I was brace enough to stand for myself, my life would have been far better and different, what on the earth made me do this, take a life career I wasn't very sure about, I just did it because I wanted to stay away from my life a bit to screw it even more to pardon my growth into something I wasn't very much sure about. This tale when I think of in a deeper way reminds me of the dream I used to have something far better than the far lands where my soul is afraid to take steps to.

Yet when I look back few years when I finally took a decision to Undertake medical s as a study choice I believe I wasn't even interested into the conventional medicines. Now that's where the real kind of confusion attached to my life relies, after years when I am finally taking steps to talk to my old friends I realise nothing has ever changed between us, we are all good inside, like a warm caterpillar. I wonder if we had given each other a good amount of time to understand the silence of growing up, it is indeed painful and we don't understand it because everyone else is dealing with it silently too.
So the question arose out of nowhere and landed to a game, the capillary was taking back thermostats of life and slowly reminding me where I belonged as in always.
That's the real thing about life, we don't choose it, it takes us to choices and they choose us. From a toddler to an adult a lot was into this life which needs to be sorter not that everyone is sorting their life into a race but few have decided to live them into their own terms, sometimes illusions may take us into driving forces but firm souls always get through it. The cold weather and the evening lust of life reminds me of my days back in India, while I do not have plans to go back but I feel childhood memories rushing my veins, I am just making bigger life changes and I am really hopeful of this, getting back to home around the family is a great decision we all must take sometimes.
The day has begun and it's fascinating because the village is full of grateful mind and the wind here has no challenges so far and that's a good sign for a lazy lad.


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