While the well water spilss

I feel lost and tangible, there is so much water around me but not a drop of it to drink. While I feel the blessings of life some of my clothes are already wet with their presence and the sunlight seems to be far beyond than it appears, as if some artificial sunlight is covering my head. This water everywhere is making me feel sick, afraid and vulnerable. I want to hold on this feeling and realise the reason behind this situation, on why I am standing on the rocks of questions from where it is difficult to distinguish between the available and rejected. This is a kind of situation I will never want to experience but yet I feel it was necessary.
I proclaim the senses, each of them to clear me about the idea of why I am standing here with my wet dress unable to dry it even with the wind around me.
I find the exact reason for the situation but somewhere I don't feel deserved to get out of this, my own mistakes with life that I want to fight for and eliminate with stays. They run with me and I couldn't escape it, while there is more to this I must not stop fighting and even it makes me completely wet something will blow it dry, someone will come.


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