Listen to yourself!

You are great, trust me you are really great.
You have been told this when you were kids and if not, listen to those from me. You are great, you are born with immense power and possibilities, this world is not your servant neither you are to it, nor no one can tell me what you can do but yourself. You hold the whole universe inside of you, this whole universe full of love and greater opportunities is inside of you.
You do not need a milestone to be great, whatever you are, whatever you did, you are great. Few people never reach to where you are standing; they give up midway around and find it easy to escape. They are not a coward but you are great. Your story is what I want to hear. Your story is what will inspire everyone.
You are one in a million and you are great.
Even if the illusion is strong, your imagination is the stronger, you deserve every possible happiness that you desire and there is no such way you can be kept away from it but yourself. Believe in those nebulas from where a new star is born, your possibilities are great and you are great.
You are born with a story and you create a new story every day. Your life is significant and you are amazing, you can be anything you want.
You are the chosen one.
Trust me, trust in your own belief system and tell the stories that you want to live. Bind yourself up with the passion, tie yourself up with the routines and stop listening to the voices that keep you away from your own bliss. You hold everything inside of you, your whole life and magnificence.
There is nothing in this world which can make you believe in their views about you, force you to be something they think is good for the society. You are already perfect, you just need to be aware of it.


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