Summarize & Unleash!

What if unleashing the powers is the only option.

What if I fail? What if all the powers that I give to this situation go in the vein will that reach to black hole somehow, will my identity meet oblivion.
What if I never get that?
What if I already have it and only thing waiting for me is to unleash the one secret back inside my brain which is fearless.
This society, this family, this community, my religion, my belief, What if they all blame me for taking a wrong decision?

What if.
What if I fly right now, without getting out of these four walls. What if this is the best thing for the moment. What if the love I am seeking out is just inside me.
What if this greatest moment is a gift.
What if all I need right now is to unleash.
To reach the limits and breakthrough. Test myself to the core and force myself to go beyond my capabilities, keep my days and night on parallel jobs and achieve that greatest height.
What if this situation is all I have always prayed for, what if with this single blog I get back him. What if he is just a thought away, what if there is no another person to give me love but myself. What if I understand that right away.
What if all the life I have been waiting for the success which turned out to be a lame fake prestige and incorporation, what if!
What if, this is all that we have, this moment to look into, to be grateful and to forgive all? What if god is always inside of me watching me do things, desire, fight and make moves. What if all the fears were just a joke?
What if, this is all that we wish for?
What if the surrounding is the answer?
There are more to this story, what if this story turns out to be the bets memories of my lifetime.
What if our eyes meet again and we realize that all the anger we held till now was because of a stupid ignorance. What if we realize the meaningful conversation without even speaking or explaining? What if we realize that we are more than this? What if we finally recognize who we are, what we can be and what future really holds for us.


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