Something, more to You

The courage, it takes to take the step, to take the first step.

The only first step which seeks more than enough timeline and more than enough energy is just right away ‘a thought’. The first step which is raw and vulnerable yet an important one, yes that first step.

The idea which brain seeks and the ‘long-pity’ which hides behind the curtain of summaries and explanations, The first step to fall in love and initiate a conversation, first step to write down a complete book, the first step to understanding ourselves, first step to say ‘NO’ whenever needed.

This starts and this must start.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, a step away from whatever you want to get.

There is a door, invisible and available but only when there is a courage in the hearts. They must reveal the secret to the people who in return promise to deliver and discuss more into the being. The power is distributed among the deserving and they understand, they understand the special context of life, about the untold stories of nature, about the wind and more of less the ignition of the telepathy.

They exist and there exists belief.

One to hold and much more to understand.

We must not let people enter our lives with predominant goals. Greet people who are aimless, ask them how wonderful this whole world seems to them. There is something very significant about those people. They know how to dream, they know when to strike and they know no ways to deceive and cheat. They know how to get the hell to reach what they believe in.

Meet with people who do not understand mathematics, they will tell you new rules of the physics, something very fascinating which algebra never could teach us.

Meet people who believe in love and want to teach you the same.


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