The morning chai and newspaper!!

The story goes something like this, We have a vendor, who have started his business few years from now, from the very first day I have been noticing him sell  THE CHAI, an Indian supplement for drug and an anti-depresent. I don’t know what ingredients actually falls into the subject but it always tastes better than what I could make. A small corner of unhygienic platform turned around to be a brand today. Everyone knows the TAPARI named by him.

What a coincidence of finding that same place over today, I was heading back from my morning walk, small breathing and durability of running so long after a long.

Things were running my head but only thing which I could face was the new paper, a single roll of newspaper and commentary passing through the table.

Secularism and liberation was being discussed and a lot of topic followed bo counting like how women cricket finally was making its place. Fascinating I thought, I have always imagined my country bythrough this. I have always made few efforts but what I was noticing which was taking place today was effortless.

The AnNa recognised me, greeted me with a smile and offered me a small cup of tea. Reminding me of my college days! Beautiful. I took a sip of the tea offered by him and memories ran across my mind. Suddenly I was taken back to the days when I used to come there with Bhaiya and dragon.

‘ aur bitto kya kar rahi ho ajkal? Aur bhaiya kaha hai’ asked he!

Escalating towards him I asked ‘ Mujhe pehchan gaye aap?’

‘ arey apke bhaiya ke bhut upkar hai apki bahut baat karte hai, apka phuto dikhate the aur kehte hai bahut fakra hai aap paar, ek din collector banwayenge apko ‘ amused at the sentence he spoke a stream of tears ran my eyes but I had to control.

‘ thik hai Anna bahar Gaye hai padhai aage karne ‘

‘ aur padhenge ‘ he was shocked.

‘ haan’ I laughed aswell.

‘ unhone mujhe bhi padhna sikhaya tha!’ Proudly affirmed he.

Small things which I have missed while I was driving myself crazy into the crops of illusions. A sense of relief that my brother have set a great example for me. A sense of happiness that people still keep brave hearts.

I ran back to home just to find that he had dropped me a Rakhi gift and have a strict note on to open it only at the  D’ day.

Excited about  I am still looking at the box and guessing about the contents inside.

I have already taken many rounds of its interfernce, centrifugal rounds, median rounds and centroid rounds, all kinds of round.

The Evening went well but the tempation is still keeping me tired, I could not sleep and it is stupid to stay awake late this night.

I am sittign in front of his picture in my room, missing him and remembering the headlines of newspaper and the taste of CHAI in my tongue,throat,brain and senses.


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