‘ I am angry, I am very very angry from you, that justifies’ I wanted to confront him while he asked why I was keeping distance from him. It is really easy for him to understand ‘why’ yet he will demand the explaination that I would never want to say. It triggers the lost emotions within me about the unsaid stories. 

Things could have been really different between us if instead of trying to push me to my limits he would have encouraged me, while had empathy towards few of my life’s issues. I would have been easy for him to understand but that’s not his mistake, my own capabilities to love myself was always under checked. When I finally got this substitution of life I am wondering if there would be another kind of loyalty. Propel and make promises. Towards the many significant stories only senseless journey that seems is yet to arrive but that would be better, living simply the life of senseless emotional variances.


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