From the leap of past

  • People come again and again to our lives, suddenly with the sense of having a strong connection because that’s where our lives meet, we do have a purpose in this earth and that is to understand our existence.
  • While upon this earth there is a reason why things happen that way even if we don’t want to understand it but we know.
  • We must run fast so as to slow down whenever needed and significantly no sum of ratio could bring us the fun each moment holds.
  • When we leave we leave everything, so I have left everything behind me which was not seeking me to my life’s greatest pleasure of smallest things. It was hard but then I have left 7 digit salary job to find the happiness in smallest things.
  • We return to this plane when needed.
  • Every relationship is memory, unless we want to make best out of it, it is never going to get better.
  • While that remains in my mind something else remains with me, it’s the love. I am fortunate to have a family and friends who are insignificantly awesome.
  • Love is not choice it’s necessary.
  • Forgiveness solves most of the queries!!

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