How do we specify our lives? Through the unseen passages or the paths not taken, I wonder how much we can do in a single life or we can do everything in a single task. Sometimes hard to accept but when the first brushes of rain falls on to the skin and the detox wind soak out the unwanted stress it begins the series of never ending series of memories. To these lanes when the bikes have passed without clever calculations of the future. Where we have always fit in without wondering who would recognise us, it’s very hard to tell which one hurts more, not finding same person on the roads or not finding the same person in them again. I have felt this deep and understanding association of life and the connection which binds us. The period when only you should know what to do without explaining to others about its restoration. There are ways on how we define life, slowly and precisely and then suddenly. Slow pace of life’s energy has something very specific and important it stays with us and we keep on making things one by one on our memories. How do we allow others to set those goals for us which seems unrealistic and unreasonable. Altogether we don’t require this life to set forth those margins but we need this life to set forth ourselves. Those heights of survival and the moment when I thought there would be no more happy days ever again I have survived and that’s where I define myself from the hardest to the best. Today it’s the day when all my hard work pays, living in all kind of edges I could I have finally achiv d it, found the way and the best part is I am aware who I should share this life with. Finally I have got courage to say NO to unwanted people and situations, it was hard but somewhere I have to feel myself again and with so much smell around it wasn’t easy. Now it’s time to decide which one would deliberately make a best fit for me, even if the anger do not vigour to leave the love must propel and this life is all that I have and no matter how much everyone expects from me, I have this whole thing called life to decide itself what it wants! I am ready for all kind of shits but yet I have promised myself to take back the journey from where we have started. 


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