To everyone who is struggling with the Identity


For the kids who are not good enough in academics to score the highest, given the fact only one can have the highest they are good in other things, there is nothing wrong in being good at other things other than academics. We don’t see but there is lots of pressure on the people who couldn’t reach to that highest, life consequently throws them with the situation where they will have to compete with their own friends, people, and family. They want to prove because the satisfaction lacks their veins, they need approval. Not everyone is brave to accept themselves. They want to be praised and ignorance is not the answer to their work.
Constantly there is a fear that they might lose their job, they might lose their partner just because they could never file the highest during school. Not anybody body’s fault though.
We must understand that an artist is as good as a doctor and the difference in their salaries is purely on the capability, there is nothing wrong in being something which brings happiness, happiness follows success and it follows fame and financial security. I can count on you people not being doctors or engineers but they are happy, earn better and are living. From the very sense of duty, all those are strong must pay sympathy towards them. Kids who are in this range are now adults or may become one someday, they share common signs, there is constant need for attention, they are full of anger, they want things to be done and all that they desire is the world to revolve around them, it doesn’t make them happy though but their ego is fed.
The world is full of them, from me to you; all of us are struggling with our identity. We must not run, we must heal each other to grow, not that it will slow down the economy, the world belongs to us, it consists of us, even if that makes a pace difference nothing will change but the peace inside. There is no need to bother with other people, the change must start from inside.
For a moment let us just significantly slow down, walk a bit and recognize what have we done to ourselves and others to reach here and where it will take us?
If we feel that this is eternal bliss and must follow us to other life, I must remind you that we will have to start again, give a thought what do we want to follow.


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