some, somewhere, unheard

who do you think is Perefect here? makes sense uh!

well, That is true, something is really perfect around you, may be that is why you are trying to compare yourself. how long do you think will this competition help you? snatching, pulling and deceiving? who do you think is telling you to apply those strategies? what do you gain?

trust me, there is a peace hidden behind back of our heads which desires yawning and expelling the energy out.

how long will this take you around, the anger and frustration.

somewhere it will have to stop.

then what?

what will you do when everything will come back to you, when suddenly everything you have desired for others come to you, you could feel the control of the universe, the god plays, right time. whenever, wherever when you know you can not control. you must have done something.

large part of our life and slowest of all scenes.

slowly , this eats.

don’t let it.

confine and promise and let it free.

forgive and love.

there is so much to this sentence. to the verification of society and naturalist. we must make pledges to breed the grass.

apply the principles which takes human efforts, if you think you can take away someone’s everything, I will remind you that, there is no such power which can do that, may be you are not looking at the consequences of your own feelings.

sometimes the hardest and the toughest brings the bestest.


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