How did you get through it,No evidence of Cancer

So I was asked how did you manage to get through such ‘bug’ disease. Well I have answer to it but I had tried to explain that I believe in No disease and thus anything that we don’t believe in doesn’t stay.

I kept telling myself that I was healthy and it worked I believed that it is curable and thus it helped me cure it. Even if nothing is evidence to what has happened in my life a part of my brother always believed in the miracles. We have been to many temples, pilgrimage and shrines but among all that was fruitful was one from our lady , she helped in gathering the faith and gavin me inner strength to keep going.

Suddenly I felt it would be good if I stop talking to people who believed I was sick b cause it was the only way I could forget what I had previously believed in. To calm down and to recreate the creativity.

We went to trees and hugged them, my songs of disease came back but we had to believe in what we have learnt so my brother left his job to stay with me while he kept his practice on and god gave his hands to us. 

He would talk to me like a friend gave me advices took few from me, those were the best days of my life.

Truly the experience gave me an insight into myself as if they were for a purpose I would sink into those days sometimes but he would bring me back. I would give up but he would stay calm till I give my faith back on him. I had to do it for him.

Quite few days that I feel the freedom of being healthy to the greatest faith and gratitude with lots of ne strength to do whatever I used to do before. Suddenly I had so much positive insight into life that nothing brothers me, I am happy and is visible in my speech, everyone chooses what it brings to us and I had chosen many of them but with my brother and best friend around I finally did it. It feels great to hold NEC(no evidence of cancer) because only the one who had been through those painful days know how it feels to be into something  which eats us all the time, I have seen days when I thought I would not make through it, I had messaged my loved once about it but somehow I guess life wants me to greet great things.

Thank you

I wish all the good health to you! Love


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