While I write

Missing mom a bit, even if there are people around but it’s never going to be same I guess, the house is silent though there are people chirping and television honking, well to all the channels I assume the unsubscribed are the most interesting, what a kind woman she was, indeed her visible aura and caring hands are being kissed may be I am missing more of her, these stair cases reminds me of all the hide and seeks we have played, how many times I was about to fall from here but she saved, so much was there indeed in my mind while I was trying to escape it, well then things changed. One such day I felt the real loneliness but it’s not the thing, things went well and I gave a deep thought on life and i things it’s where I fought the real isolation. 

I am missing the smell kitchen have before, early morning prayers, insincere sticks and our arranged rooms, one must not dare to peep my room now, I know the perceptions. My cupboards are occupied with things I haven’t used for years but they can’t be thrown or donated because they have the last touch my mom gave to it while she was arranging it, one may think I am being rude to my life but if seen through my eyes it will make sense. Dragon misses mom too, she was the only one from who he used to take bath rest all could be fooled, papa misses her a lot I can see that, we can’t cook, bhaiya can but rest two of us are good for pampers and even if he doesn’t say that he misses her the most. All our responsibilities as a father and as a mother came to him, I know ther are families worst than what I see in ours where functionality is not monarch or other democratic environment. I am missing her b cause I am hungry and I  want to eat something which is healthy and tasty at the same, I am wish if I could really tell someone how does it feel, I wish if I could have someone who wouldn’t have tell me these feelings as nagging because it hurts, I wish to have my friends back in the city now, this city needs the lights it has lost and the life it seeks. I wish fir everything to settle down for great again.


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