Somewhere in between the lines

Sometimes we should not fight back, sometimes we should not resist, we must wait and see the strength of thof situation, sometimes all we need is to let it be as it is and accept, struggling around those strings makes it ideally stronger and inescapable. All the world around us and the one we look into has some differences, there are less common but more likeness. I am just truly satisfied with everything I have and this happiness is the real grace of my life, I wasn’t making sure about th fact but you brought me back to alignment and now things are better and visible from this fog. Currently when we are making our goals at many levels we must also make sure that this world is a happy place because of us. 

Sometime in this morning when I finished my morning rituals of meditation and chanting I discovered that everything was destined for a better reason, sometimes I wonder about the decisions I have made but there is nothing that I could do to them. I will just have to wait for some more signs before I proceed. Well things are pretty amazing at home and there is no greater place than this heaven, especially when you have your pets who loves you beyond imagination, yet the wto to pressure doesn’t delay to leave us and so much at once, yet when they lick my face, bring their bowls when hungry an their innocent vibes gives me life, now I know what was missing out there. Well so much to complet by today evening before I log back to the desirable sleep.

Love, lets meet at dinner!


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