Pans-lanes & Good Bye

I am leaving, Yes I am leaving From all this chaos and Distinguishing matters
but why?
I have no idea, given the situation the best choice that appears,
what next?
No idea, I don’t know and I don’t want to know, I have gained enough for the moment, enough money for my journey, enough Fame and everything that this material world calls success.

Image result for travelling cartoon
where am I going?
somewhere, in between us, the chosen distance and where ALWAYS is not a factor.
what have I planned?
Nothing, seriously nothing, I have had planned and they never worked so I am trying No plan working paradigm, I may be away from everything but I have got new friends over here, new family kind of friends where I feel honesty is the key, and that we’re starting over again and maybe it is late for few but better late than never, I am holding a passionate dream for this new imperial thing,

Image result for hugging cartoon imagesI want to travel with you now, where you take me with you I will head, the distant lands are calling me, it is calling me with purpose, I have finally understood that this world is really not a better place now and that maybe everyone is selfish for a better reason and I had to accept it, I could not change this system, I could not even change a person for good, I feel stupid and I am heading with you to make me a better person now, come On Baby, let us make our ways now. From now on…what say?


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