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where there I stand with my bags pack still wondering If I should really leave? Or wait for some miracle to happen, I may be done with this relationship but something in me really wants that it should work out regularly, I wish If I did not have to move like this, I wish someone should call me and stop me from doing whatever I am doing without plans, I am rather confused for the moment, so many thoughts at once and I am not trying my best to explain this, where this one decision will take me? will it take me home or will I drop myself again where I last held myself back? So much to look into but whatever I am causing myself is completely my own ignorance to myself. I just want this to work out best, while I am leaving you sleeping here I feel really awkward of walking out of your life now, the forever is not so forever as it appears and I was just trying to make things work out in a better way, I do not know where this life will take me to and when will be the next time we meet, where ever we see this, whenever we will see this I hope happy memories flows through this. Amen, I wish all good things in life, Love you…. Good Bye!


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