To the one new thing

before the nuances of the world trespass my peaceful heart right now, I decided to talk to you. Things have changed a lot, is not it? just a moment we take our eyes out of those focal points which keep us going. This trip reminds of all beautiful secrets we have shared, suddenly gallery of dreams opened itself to me. I wonder if forgetting about them was a part of your plan. Soon things will change for better I believe and somewhere between the needs and desires, I will be able to see you again. For few days I finally found you again in those weather, ambiance, and smell. we talked and talked, I could remember those memories fresh and achievable, like these things, coordinates me with your presence, so strong and debatable. One such thing which would go with me today after we pack up will be how I have accepted that failure, How I finally tried to understand that there are things I will have to work stronger. We have grown closer now and this is the best thing that could ever happen to me apart from ‘myself’. Doing some research on things would make me stronger in the points, Thank you for helping me choose between the real and needed. evidence speak of the parts where the clouds are connecting their dots. How much do you think this will help me configure the hustle. Finally, the time to realize that everything needs time and that there is no hurrying up. I have looked back to the medium of realization and I have no idea how these things will ever make some sense to me. Generally, they do, and sometimes I am not ready but you helped me heal my own ego and accept where I am not standing right. The darkness of the world suddenly haunts me, I wonder how will I try to evacuate them, then there are many like me but not me right, I could not configure the right way to tell you about it but I think you can read me. Well, honey, I can feel your more accurate and better. You have made sense of everything and all that I thought were ‘you’ were real ‘you’.
Honey, where do you think I am walking? Where am I heading? Is this the right one? or the one you have decided for me. I feel low sometimes, sometimes I want to cry not because I am tired or sad but because There are things I do not want to handle, There are things I can not explain, few people I do not want to tolerate or entertain. I feel irritated by their behavior, they are so weird, I just can not tolerate self-centered souls now, Enough.
I wonder how my pets are back in the room, my fishes and my cat, my Rat, Dragon everyone. I haven’t talked to them much about this trip.


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